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Contra Costa Alameda County Cattlemen's Association

Board of Directors


Frank Imhof - President

Mike Byrne - Vice President

Clayton Koopmann - 2nd VP

John Masters - Treasurer

Kim Bonde - Secretary

Local Directors

Michael Bettencourt

Jordan Fereira

Joe Fereira

Frank Imhof, Jr.

Kenny Moore

Justin Pilkington

Ronnie Seever

Bryan Smith

Lee Stanley

Contra Costa Alameda County Cattlemen’s Association (CCACCA) is a non-profit assocation representing Alameda and Contra Costa counties beef producers and cattle ranchers. Join today!

Contra Costa Alameda County Cattlemen’s Association (CCACCA) is one of 38 non-profit trade associations representing California’s ranchers and beef producers in legislative and regulatory affairs. CCACCA serve as a strong link as the grassroots membership and California Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) which was formed in 1917, headquartered in downtown Sacramento, only blocks from the California State Capitol.